Aikaterini Dedouli

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Faculty Members

Assistant Professor




Office Address


Office Hours

Thursday 13:00 – 14:00


  • Glasgow Caledonian University, Great Britain (2005) – Faculty of Law and Social Sciences, Ph.D. in Law.
  • University of Essex, Great Britain (2000), Master in International Trade Law.
  • Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (1999)- Faculty of Law and Economic Sciences, Bachelor degree in Law.

Research Interests:

Business Law, Contract Law, EU Competition and Energy Law, Internal Market, Shipping Law.

Selective publications:

  • Pilakos, A., Dedouli, A. (2020). Granting Exclusive Rights to Public or Privileged Undertakings under European Union Competition Law: Article 106(1) TFEU Combined with Article 102 TFEU. European Competition Law Review, pp. 195-209.
  • Dedouli, A., Kapranos-Huntley, J.A (2004). Third party rights, promises and the classification of obligations. The Juridical Review, pp. 303-352.
  • A. Dedouli-Lazaraki and K. Mourtidis, ‘The principle of ne bis in idem in the context of the European Convention on Human Rights and the “multiple fee” over smuggling under the Greek Customs Code’ (in Greek), Dikaio Epixeiriseon & Etairion (Business & Company Law) 3/2018, pp. 313-326.
  • A. Dedouli, ‘Shareholding at companies of Media and advertising companies: is it incompatible?’ (in Greek), Epitheorisi Dimosiou Dikaiou & Dioikitikoi Dikaiou (Review of Public Law and Administrative Law), 2008, pp. 628-641.
  • A. Dedouli, ‘The requirement of quality in radio and television programmes: the criterion of decency and good taste in language and behaviour’ (in Greek), Dikaio Meson Mazikis Enimerosis (Media and Communication Law), 2008 (4), pp. 460-471.
  • A. Dedouli, ‘Limitations in the free movement of capital and the free establishment of companies in European Company Law’ (in Greek), Epitheorisi Dimosiou Dikaiou & Dioikitikoi Dikaiou (Review of Public Law and Administrative Law), 2010, pp. 313-340.

Current position:

Assistant Professor at the Department of Accounting & Finance.

Past appointments:

  • Staff lawyer at the Greek Competition Commission, General Directorate of legal services.
  • Staff lawyer at the Greek Authority of Personal Data Protection, General Directorate of legal services.
  • Hellenic Open University, School of Social Sciences, Member of the Adjunct Academic Staff.

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