Erasmus+ / Staff Mobility

The project – “Transnational cooperation initiative fostering developing forward thinking skills of students, teachers and workforce in sustainability-relevant sectors posed by Business 4.0 trends through innovation in Business& Engineering education and training”, organized through the ERASMUS+ programme, will organise a short-term teacher-training during the period 8 – 12 May 2023 in University of West Attica in Athens.

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Announcement C4 SMARTskills40


Summer School “2nd Intensive Study Programme for HE learners, improve phase”, 

26th – 30th of June 2023, Maribor, Slovenia

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Announcement SS Maribor `23 General


Short-term Joint Staff Training (C1), 20th – 24th September 2021, San Secondo di Pinerolo, Italy

Education for future: designing learning curricula to meet complex skills posed by Business 4.0


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  2. C1 GR Invitation UWA



Short-term Joint Staff Training (C3)

Education for future: reinforcing learning curricula to drive innovation and Sustainable Business 4.0 creation 06th – 28th -November – 02nd December 2022

city: Maribor; country: Slovenia,



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